SRE case study – AQL

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SRE case study – AQL

AQL are a leading UK VoIP Wholesaler Headquartered in Leeds, Yorkshire. They have multiple POPs in both the North and the South of the UK and are successfully working with Channel Partners to migrate customers across from the rapidly declining TDM world to IP.

The AQL challenge is to cope with rapid growth whilst meeting the needs of their ever demanding customer base and at the same time managing new requirements continually being imposed on them by the UK regulator Ofcom.

AQL were happy with their SBC vendor choice both at the core and edge of their network. However things needed to change when it came to routing to cover all the change factors described in the previous paragraph.

Netaxis were able to run the SRE on a sample of their network traffic before switching it all over once everyone was happy with the initial results.

“Implementing SRE as a centralised Sip Routing Engine has improved efficiencies and dramatically simplified routing logic, routing changes which used to take in the region of 10 minutes are now completed in seconds. SRE’s fast and intuitive UI enables our Technical Operations Team to make customer routing plan changes with ease and removes the requirement of understanding the intricacies and ramifications of making changes that were a technical overhead of the original SBC vendors routing logic. Amongst the many other benefits the API enables automation for customer creation and routing changes in the event of fraud. The granularity of control within SRE plays a pivotal role in meeting Ofcom obligations and our voice product team are already dreaming up new services to empower our channel partners. As SRE is VM based within our infrastructure rapid scalability as our business grows is easily achievable.”
Martin John
General Manager of AQL Wholesale

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