SRE – Session Routing Engine


Session Routing Engine

Next-generation routing flexibility for service providers.

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Session Routing Engine

Full control of your network

Centralised control of your SBCs and other network elements from the cloud or in your datacentre, with support for a wide range of applications.
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Multiple protocols

Supports voice and non-voice sessions inside and outside your network

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Deployment options

Cloud-native SREaaS, Datacentre, or Hybrid availability reduces Capex.

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Global support

Our team of experts can guide you through deployment or fully manage.


SRE simplifies routing challenges

SREaaS makes deployment simple and reduces costs. Intuitive portals make it easy to manage network elements without vendor-specific expertise
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Virtually unlimited routing possibilities

SRE and SREaaS support a wide range of voice and non-voice session protocols, making it easy to centralise management and take control of your network.
“Call Admission Controls provided by SRE lets us place limits on customers across multi-tenant systems such as Microsoft Teams. If a customer buys ten Teams channels, SRE will limit this in both directions, something which previously was much more difficult with such a dispersed range of endpoints. This is now a simple one-line API.”

Wayne Mills-Kiddals
Chief Technical Officer

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Build services faster

Whether it is a new, repeatable product or a complicated bespoke deployment, SRE and SREaaS speed up deployment time and simplify operational processes.
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Multi-vendor support for SBCs and programmable routing

Quickly build new integrations and simplify processes with SBC support for Oracle, Ribbon and Metaswitch. Create new data structures, routing logic and reporting capabilities with internal and external database support and web service integration.

Session Routing Engine as a Service

Simplify routing decisions, SBC management, platform integration and service creation for voice and non-voice sessions.

Server interfaces

Client interfaces


Advanced features



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