Wrap-up from Cavell Cloud Comms Summit

Netaxis were the Cavell Cloud Comms Summit Silver Sponsors. In this blog post, see who became the winner and how it went.
Fred Fraud

Wrap-up from Cavell Cloud Comms Summit

Last week Netaxis attended the Cavell Cloud Comms Summit as Silver Sponsors. Bit of a mouthful that but we didn’t come up with the name:). I wanted to make an impression. Netaxis has been trading in the UK for just under a year now and we already have some great paying customers (thanks guys).

However in what might be termed our Benelux home market Netaxis are a supplier to the vast majority of telcos, both fixed and mobile and including most of the Tier 1 and Tier 2s. We have some way to go in the UK but it is easy to argue that having been trading in Benelux for 7 or 8 years it is no surprise that our market penetration there is higher.

The point is that Netaxis has products that are of interest to small and large telcos and the fact that the big guys do actually buy from us is a real endorsement of both the products and the company selling/developing them (ie us :).

So we decided that we would up the game from the previous Cavell shindig in Amsterdam where we sponsored the drinks to a higher level of participation that gave us a presence as an exhibitor. In London we took seven senior members of staff. One of our attendees, Fred Bollaerts (featured image), is a top industry fraud expert and performed really well on the panel discussion on that subject. He got a lot of questions from the floor which is good and shows that fraud is a hot topic.

As a means of further raising our profile I took along an iPad Pro to raffle off in exchange for business cards. We managed to get almost half of the 300 or so attendees to give me their business card and around half of these were from people in our target customer base. In fact we were pretty impressed with the overall quality of attendee.


 The winner was David Calvo from Cisco in Amsterdam.  David had to leave to catch a train but our Netherlands country Manager Bart Van De Kar tracked him down and sent him his prize – see photo.  David was of course delighted. iPad Pro do I hear you say. Expensive piece of kit. Netaxis were sending out a signal. We are recognised as a quality company and do things in a quality way. iPad Pro, Quality. Netaxis, Quality.

There, now that I’ve taught your grandmother to suck eggs I’ll mention the dinner that we threw in the evening after the event. Our guest speaker was Neil Mcrae, Chief Architect of BT. BT is responsible for all network design and operations and for IT for BT. Big job. I’m sure he has more functions under his umbrella but I couldn’t remember them all.

At the dinner, held in a private room at Quo Vadis in Soho, Neil shared insights with C’Level individuals from around the UK telco industry. BT, as the incumbent have a lot going on that affects all of us. We were very grateful that Neil was able to find the time for us. He is a friend.

So that’s the Cavell Cloud Comms Summit wrap-up. If you came to see us at our stand thanks for swinging by and if you entered the iPad draw bad luck (except for David Calvo that is) and hope you win next time.

In the meantime if you want to discuss fraud or API Orchestrators or Session Routing Engines or any of our products and services don’t hang around. Get in touch. Straight away 🙂

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