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Available Courses

Engo Essentials Training

13 October 2022, Online, English

Netaxis Engo solution is a fraud management system providing, besides usual protection appliances, a solution able to analyze the voice, SMS and data traffic and to provide tools to operators or enterprises in order to fight against abuse of their infrastructure.

Sigma Essentials Training

15 November 2022, Online, English

Sigma is a highly versatile Netaxis product. Its call signal generation capability is used in many applications in a VoIP network: load testing, software release approvals, network keep alive monitoring and network testing to name but a few. Sigma can be used to generate many scenarios that emulate your VoIP network functionality.

Harness the power of the Sigma VoIP simulator by attending this training course. We will prepare you for a future that will take managing your network to new heights.

Course Schedule

  • Introduction to Sigma
  • Understanding Sigma
  • Console and Scheduler
  • Test Campaign feature
  • Configuring Elements
  • Configuring Messages
  • Configuring Scenarios
  • Sigma Use Cases
  • Complex Scenarios
  • Advanced Usage with Python
  • Alarming and Reporting
Oracle SBC Essentials and Basic Configuration

6-7 December 2022📍Brussels, Belgium, English

Oracle are one of the world’s leading vendors of Session Border Controllers and a long time partner of Netaxis Solutions. If you use Oracle SBCs then you will almost certainly at some point in their usage history want to train your staff. This could be a new engineer to the team whose background is a different vendor, a complete newbie to the tech or just someone who has been around the block a few times but never had any formal training on the technology. Netaxis manage many SPC estates large and small and what you will learn on this course will be invaluable to the running of your VoIP network.

Course Schedule

Module One: Introduction and Basic Configuration

  • Introduction to Session Boarder Controllers
  • The Oracle SBC OS and Hardware
  • The CLI of the Oracle SBC
  • Basic Configuration of an SBC
  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • Practice: Create a basic configuration and make calls

Module Two: Advanced Configuration

  • HRM (Header Manipulation Rules)
  • Practice: Add HRM to edit the SIP dialog
  • Security of the Oracle SBC
  • Advanced Troubleshooting
  • Practice: Modify existing configuration by adding security layer
SIP Essentials Training

19-20 December 2022,📍Brussels, Belgium, English

SIP is very much the mainstream VoIP protocol and one of our most popular courses is on basic SIP Essentials. As VoIP permeates (takes over) the whole world it makes sense that engineers who come from a pure IP data background might need to appraise themselves of how voice works over their now homogeneous networks. 

The topic we cover in this course include:

• TCP/IP protocol  •  VoIP protocols and SIP  •  SIP Methods and Responses  •  SIP Headers  •  Basic SIP Scenarios  •  Components of SIP  •  SIP Transaction  •  End-to-end vs Hop-by-hop  •  Request and Response generation  •  SIP Dialog  •  SIP Retransmission  •  Loose Routing  •  Strict Routing  •  SIP and IP-PBX  •  RTP & Media Processing  •  Session  Descriptor Protocol  •  Reliability of provisional responses  •  Quality of Service  •  FAX G3 and SG3  •  NAT and STUN

All really good stuff and which should be of interest even to someone who thinks they are up to speed on SIP but maybe could do with a refresher.

SRE Training

11-12 July 2022, Online, English

We at Netaxis are very proud of our SRE Session Routing Engine. it is a product that has revolutionised how our customers run and manage their VoIP networks. We get feedback from customers that it is a huge productivity improver – heck out this SRE case study from UK customer AQL. 

SRE is also an award winner as is witnessed by the ITSPA Awards 2019 where it won both the Best VoIP Software and Best VoIP Innovation awards. Yay. Now to harness the power of SRE every new customer gets a training course and as they take on new engineering staff we get asked for further training which is what this particular course supplies. 

The topics we cover during this course include:

• Introduction to SRE  •  Deployment and Software Architecture  •  Platform Redundancy  •  Feature Overview  •  GUI and Dashboard  •  SRE Alarms  •  SRE Data Model and Provisioning  •  Service Logics and Nodes •  Variables  •  Sub Service Logics  •  Build your own logic  •  Troubleshooting your logic  •  Logs  •  Provisioning (Batch and API)  •  Accounting

APIO Training

6-7 September 2022, Online, English

The Netaxis API Orchestrator facilitates the translation of business and marketing-oriented logic into scripts interfaced through APIs with network elements in operator networks. By making it easy to implement and operate feature requirements, APIO reduces costs and time to market.

Nemo Training

27 September 2022, Online, English

VoIP network monitoring is key to providing customer satisfaction. Anticipate problems before your customer even knows there is a problem. Upsell capacity when a customer is about to run out and be able to respond quickly to customer complaints by drilling into his or her specific problem call.

None of this happens without the right tools which are of course provided by Netaxis Solutions. This course not only teaches you how to use our highly flexible Nemo network monitoring platform but you will also learn general voip network monitoring techniques useful in your day to day role of running the network.

Course Schedule

Module One: Product Description & Features

  • Introduction to Nemo
  • Nemo Group concept
  • Reporting module and statistics
  • End-to-end call tracing
  • Alarming
  • Automatic report generation

Module Two: Deep Inside Nemo

  • Product Architecture
  • Notion of Plugin and Connector
  • From a sniffed packet to an end-to-end call flow
  • Nemo engines (probes, statistics, alarming, reporting)
  • Data management and backup
  • Advanced configuration parameters
  • Logging and useful commands

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