Elevating network solutions: Collaborating for success!

Discover how Oracle's seamless communication delivery and Netaxis' strategic collaborations are shaping the future of network infrastructure.

In the dynamic world of session delivery networks, Netaxis and Oracle stands are known for innovation, consistently leading the charge in transforming how we connect and communicate across borders.

Oracle's prowess in enabling the seamless delivery of real time communications - encompassing voice, video, and multimedia sessions - across IP network borders is unmatched. Their cutting-edge solutions redefine connectivity standards, empowering businesses to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

Here at Netaxis, we’re honored to partner with industry leaders like Oracle Communications. Through these strategic collaborations, we’re able to offer our clients complete system solutions that not only meet but exceed their evolving needs and expectations. Together, we have been shaping the future of network infrastructure for large enterprises and service providers in many regions across the globe for over a decade.

This year, we are extending our collaboration to East and South Africa with the support of our local team. Let’s turn together your challenges into opportunities!

Want to enhance your UC proposition?

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Want to enhance your UC proposition?

Our teams can recommend the best-of-breed technology to complement your network and Netaxis services perfectly.