Harnessing the voice evolution: The imperative of API orchestrators for telecoms operators

Find out how telecoms operators can effectively harness the potential of API orchestration with Netaxis' APIO.

Based on the robust growth forecasts for both Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), it’s evident that the telecommunications voice domain is poised for substantial evolution. API orchestrators will play a critical role in managing the increased complexity and ensuring seamless operations. 

Below are five reasons why the need for API orchestrators in this domain will surge.

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1. Centralised control and management

With the proliferation of voice services and solutions, having a centralised control mechanism becomes indispensable. API orchestrator platforms provide a unified platform to manage, monitor, and modify the various APIs that telecom operators utilise, ensuring streamlined operations and better control.

2. Complex workflow management

The complex workflows inherent in voice services require sophisticated management tools. They enable telecom operators to define, execute, and monitor these workflows efficiently, accommodating the growing complexity brought about by the expansion of UCaaS and CCaaS services.

3. Increased demand for voice services

The UCaaS market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 14.7%, reaching a value of USD +100 billion by 2033, of which the CCaaS market is expected to register a CAGR of 19.1%, achieving a market size of USD 17.12 billion by 2030. This growth is indicative of a substantial increase in demand for voice services, necessitating robust API orchestration for efficient service delivery and management. Growth is projected, especially in the SMB market as well as in the enterprise market with a plethora of intelligent value-added services.

4. Scaling and adaptability

As the UCaaS and CCaaS markets grow, telecoms operators will need to scale their operations to meet the rising demand. API orchestrators facilitate scalability and adaptability by enabling operators to easily integrate new services, manage increased traffic and optimise resource allocation.

5. Enhanced security and compliance

With the expanding scope of voice services, ensuring security and compliance becomes increasingly challenging. API orchestrators provide mechanisms for secure API access, monitoring, and compliance enforcement, which are crucial for maintaining trust and adhering to regulatory requirements in the telecoms voice domain.


In conclusion, the rapid growth of UCaaS and CCaaS, as substantiated by various market forecasts, underscores the indispensable role of API orchestrators for telecoms operators in the voice domain. By centralising control, managing complex workflows, facilitating scalability, and enforcing security/compliance, they will be instrumental in navigating the evolving landscape of voice services.

In navigating this forward-leaning landscape, Netaxis Solutions emerges as a robust partner for telecom operators. With a rich heritage of over 15 years in voice expertise and solutions operational at 70 leading operators, Netaxis is well-positioned to help operators not only brace themselves for the evolving demands but also turn these challenges into substantial opportunities. Their profound understanding of the telecoms voice domain, coupled with a suite of innovative solutions, can empower operators to seamlessly integrate APIO (API orchestrator), thus ensuring centralised control, efficient workflow management, and scalable operations amidst the burgeoning growth of UCaaS and CCaaS services. 

By leveraging Netaxis’s expertise, telecom operators can effectively harness the potential of API orchestrations, thereby elevating their service delivery, enhancing customer satisfaction, and ultimately, driving a competitive edge in the market.

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