Netaxis Solutions accepted as members of global VoIP trade association Cloud Communications Alliance

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Netaxis Solutions accepted as members of global VoIP trade association Cloud Communications Alliance

Very excited to tell you that Netaxis have just been accepted as members of the Cloud Communications Alliance, the global trade association of the VoIP telco industry. So what does this mean I hear you say? Is this news?

Well yes actually, at least it is for us and hopefully for the CCA too. The CCA is essentially a global trade association for our industry and is similar in many respects to the UK ITSP Association with who we have been working for many years and are actively involved at many levels. I was one of the founding members in my previous working life at Timico and am both on the ITSPA council and chair of the Promotions Working Group. I’m hoping that I will be able to get similarly involved with the CCA.

The real point of membership of both organisations is so that Netaxis can be seen to be a player. Both hold great networking events plus workshops and conferences at which we can participate. This gives us the opportunity to get up front and close to both customer and business partner/vendor communities and lets us show them our own strengths and capabilities. In particular we should bring value to the CCA as an European member, bearing in mind that the organisation started in the USA.

The CCA is a natural place for us to play. Our customers are mostly Tier 1 and 2 telcos plus large enterprises, some of who have bigger voice networks than some telcos. We plan to be an active member of the CCA and get involved with existing and prospective customers.

If you, reading this, are also members of the CCA or want to know a bit more about it feel free to get in touch – Also have a listen to this podcast.  Apologies to Manuel our CEO as I am quoted as Managing Director of Netaxis whereas I am only the UK bit 🙂

Have a great weekend ahead.

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