Netaxis team gathers for the annual whole company get together

The annual Netaxis Solutions meeting took place in Brussels. See the wrap-up of the company gathering and review of the previous year in this blog post.
People at the event

Netaxis team gathers for the annual whole company get together

Netaxis - all for one, one for all 🙂

Yesterday Netaxis Solutions held our annual whole company get together in Brussels. Each time we do this the number of attendees grows. This year we have somewhere north of 40 members of staff and most were able to attend including people from our offices in the UK, Netherlands, France and Italy.

On this day we review last year’s results – up and to the right – and compare the outcome with what was predicted this time last year. This is not only a financial review but did we achieve what we set out to do in the year. Tech developments, operational improvements, you know the sort of thing. It’s all good 🙂

We also look forward at the coming year, 2019, and everyone in the company has the opportunity to influence our direction. There is as always a lot going on in the world of communications networking (telecoms if you are of a certain age). We held an exercise to look at the new areas of tech which we should be looking at. The output of this survey is fed into a machine that includes customer reviews and somewhere down the line appears on a conveyor belt in some form or another.

team building at netaxis

During the day we intersperse the serious bits with some fun team building activities in which some serious competitiveness comes out of the woodwork. Witness the featured image. Don’t ask what’s going on.

If you want to get involved with a fast growing business with interesting work we always have vacancies. Check out our jobs page

All in all a good start to 2019.  Stay tuned for more Netaxis news as it happens.

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