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API Orchestrator testimonial from Telenet talks of huge time and cost savings

It’s always great to get testimonials from customers and here is a brilliant one from Andrew Turner, Senior Product Manager Fixed Voice at Belgian Fixed-Mobile Operator Telenet.

Andrew says for Telenet: “The use of APIO solves three problems:

  1. We need an orchestration and provisioning layer between the OSS and network elements to do provisioning
  2. Also need to be able to abstract from native interface for building portals on top of that
  3. Need for a platform to orchestrate and consolidate between various network elements supplied by different vendors. For example Ericsson, Broadsoft and Huaweii for our Fixed Mobile Convergence configuration.

Netaxis provide a valuable vendor neutral orchestration layer that prevents us from being locked in to any single vendor. This saves us a lot money when it comes to contract negotiations and we don’t need expensive vendor Professional Services to make their APIs work with ours.

With Netaxis and APIO we can do the job for ⅓ price and ⅓ of the time of anything we could do ourselves.”

Telenet use a range of Netaxis products and services but clearly using our API Orchestrator is key for them. It should come as no surprise if we told you that APIO is our fastest growing revenue platform. Andrew’s testimonial suggests that using APIO is a no-brainer and that is indeed the view of other network operators globally.

There are many use cases but a few that stand out include the ones listed below.

Fraud Management

Engo Fraud Management System and the operator environment. ENGO triggers a call indicating a fraud is in progress. APIO determines action based on time of day policy eg during business hours an email sent to NOC/out of hours command sent to softswitch to block calls.

Telecom Solution Management Portal

Assisted process APIO facilitates the development of Management portals that simplify complex operations (eg creation of an Enterprise on multi-tenant softswitch so that the end-user (Customer) can perform an important part of the work by himself/herself. Configuration of properties such as Call Capacity, creation of users assignment of telephone numbers, device (telephone) assignment are performed by the IT administrator.

Workflow for changes

Automates repetitive processes that are prone to user error. A “dashboard view” provides a view on which workflow has been applied to which users.

Fixed-Mobile Convergence

Business versus Private Calls Eg APIO mediates between User, mobile network and softswitch determining call outcome based on Personal and Business profiles.

Number Portability

Number portability calls to action are by definition asynchronous and cause cascading delays that cannot be handled by synchronous operations. APIO provides an NPACT module designed to deal with such scenarios.

If you would like to chat about how Netaxis can help you save time and money using APIO please do get in touch at or through you regular Netaxis contact – unashamed sales pitch for a product that once seen will sell itself.

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